Our Team

A practice where you, as our patient, will experience a true, professional service.


A practice where you, as our patient, will experience true, professional service.

Our practice has been in business since Aug 2010.

From the moment that you meet our friendly receptionist, either by making an appointment or by personally visiting our practice, Marinette will make you feel at home. Not only will she gladly assist with any problem that you may have, but she will also ensure that your personal information on our system is correct.

Marinette is kindhearted, and loyal and can bake anything your sweet tooth desires.

Elsa, our competent admin colleague, takes pride to ensure that your medical claim process is completed to perfection.

Elsa is the one hip grandmother and plays a mean round of tennis whenever she gets the chance.  Her 7 grandchildren keep her active and lighthearted.

Anèl and Elfrieda, our founders, co-owners, and fully qualified optometrists, are prepared to go the extra mile to bring about a comprehensive examination that will lead to a clear VISION for all our patients.

Anèl and Elfrieda met after their enjoyable student years when they both worked under the custodian, Philip Duminy in Witbank.  If it had not been for him, they would never have been able to run a practice the way they do.

Elfrieda is always up for a challenge.  Her many years as an excellent hockey player laid the foundation for her to still swim, run and play tennis, squash, and golf with her husband and two kids.

Anèl is a perfectionist.  Her eye for detail keeps everyone on their toes.  She enjoys cooking for her husband and three kids.  Making leather accessories and jogging keep her sane. 

A combination of all the above, together with complete patient satisfaction, ensures that our patients have walked the path with us for the last 12 years. This specialist service will accompany YOU and VISION CORNER into the future!! We shall not disappoint.